CAM Exam Practice Questions

CAM Exam Practice Questions

That Extra Boost Of Confidence to Pass the CAM Exam!

This program is a comprehensive bank of practice questions for the Florida CAM exam. The program includes over 500 questions, a complete 100 question practice exam, detailed feedback and explanations on each questions. We take the data from all the prior participants and tweek questions as necessary and update explanations when we see that a concept is not getting through.

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"Thank you for such comprehensive and accurate practice material. I took my FL CAM test and passed on the first try. Most of the questions on my practice test came very similar on the state test. I recommend this preparation course to anyone who is getting ready to take the State test."

Jessica Rosa-Melendez - CAM44573

"I took the exam today and passed. I studied for months and months... Even gave up for a while because there were so many sites with conflicting information and wrong answers. I'm so grateful for your website. Every time I took a practice test and my scores went up I knew I was finally retaining the information. It was really helpful for me to read the reasons for the answers below each test question. You don't just create tests, you teach critical thinking and help people learn how to eliminate the wrong answers."

Cindy Miller - CAM44765

How Long Do I Get Access?

The program is set up for you to have access for 60 days. However, if you need extra time just contact us. We can make accommodations.

What If The Questions Do Not Meet My Expectations?

Email us and we'll refund your money. That's it and that's all there is to it. See the About Us page to see why we are able to make this guarantee.

How Many Questions Are There And How Current Is The Material?

There are most than 500 total questions. It's completely current through the 2022 legislative session. Each summer the new community association laws take effect. We are generally watching the association issue though the legislature (as part of our day jobs). As soon as the laws pass the legislature and get sent to the governor we start looking at what questions need updating or creating. Once the laws take affect, typically July 1, we debut the new updated material.

How Much Is It?

The program is $59.99. It includes unlimited use of the practice questions while enrolled.

What If I Am Still Not Sure?

Start with trying out a few example/sample questions . If you still have questions contact us. We'll get with you and help you  figure out whether our material is right for you.

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