Author: BrandonRBurg

In my opinion the Florida CAM Exam isn’t overly difficult if you prepare, but it’s not a great test. Here’s what I mean.

Besides the Florida CAM Exam, I have taken a lot of tests in my career (LSAT, GMAT, GRE, Florida Bar, Series 7, Series 66, and countless exams throughout college and law school and getting my MBA). I’m a decent test taker but more so I know how to prepare for tests. With that said, the Florida CAM Exam is a legitimate exam. In other words, it is absolutely something you need to prepare for.  There’s no way you can simply take the pre-licensing class and then show up for the exam and pass. Again, it’s not a particularly hard exam but there are too many dates and rules to memorize them all the first time through the class. We have more information about preparing for the exam here.

Let me first tell you that time is NOT an issue for the test.  You have three hours for 100 questions and I’ve never heard anybody tell me that they ran out of time. When I took it there were probably 50 questions that I considered “gimmies.” Examples of those questions include “What chapter is the condominium act?” or “How much notice is required for a board meeting?” Those should be layups for you

Then there’s probably 20-30 questions that you’ll easily be able to get the answer choices narrowed down to two. Fortunately, the exam creators often give clearly wrong answer choices that you can easily eliminate. For example, “What’s the notice required for XYZ?” and the answer choices are “A) 48 hours, B) 14 days, c) 35 days, or D) dinosaur.” Well, I think I can rule out D. 😃

Then, I felt that there were about 5-10 questions where I knew the concept that they were testing but the question was written so poorly that I couldn’t tell what they wanted for an answer.  They’ll use double negatives in questions (“all of these aren’t right except”) and otherwise words a few questions in way that doesn’t make sense. When you’re taking the exam don’t get discouraged, just mark those questions for later and come back to them when you’ve answered the others.

Lastly, you absolutely positively and without exception MUST READ THE ENTIRE QUESTION. Again, time is not an issue. You will have plenty of time. You cannot give up any of the 50 or so gimmie question because you failed to read the whole question or read every answer.

Best of luck to you. Check out this post for how we recommend studying for the exam.