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1. Condominium form of ownership is comprised of units owned by one or more persons and joint ownership of ________ share in the common elements.

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2. Under the General Corporate Law _______, community associations have the right to buy, sell or lease real property. Under the condo and co-op laws _____, condos and coops have the specific authority to acquire title.

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3. A person doing the following for remuneration must have a license.

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4. Application for renewal of a CAM license shall be postmarked by ___________ . If renewal application is postmarked after ____________ of the renewal year, the license shall be deemed expired.

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5. Restrictive covenants that run with the land as permanent restrictions remain in effect until ________.

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6. The Cooperative documents must contain all of following except ________.

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7. The ______ creates the association and the ______ creates the condominium.

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8. What defines the membership and the voting rights of the Association?

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9. The ______ establish(es) the procedures for carrying out the day to day responsibilities of the association.

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10. If the governing documents of an association conflict, which of the following is the proper order of priority?

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11. When we are talking about amending the documents, which of the following is correct?

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12. In a Chapter 720 Homeowners Association, which of the following is required to amend the governing documents?

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13. That property owned by the association for the use and benefit of its owners is called _______.

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14. The portion of the community property shared by all of the owners and members is _______.

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15. The part of a condominium that is subject to exclusive use is called _______.

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16. Common elements may be enlarged _________.

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17. Condominiums created after April 1, 1992 may allocate shares of common elements by ________.

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18. The board of directors at the Sunshine Condominium agreed to increase the size of the main swimming pool. Which of the following would be required to make this happen?

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19. Prior to transition of an HOA, the developer may amend the documents ______________________.

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20. The developer supplies the association with the copies of the certificates of occupancy ___________.

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21. The association has the irrevocable right of access to each unit during reasonable hours for _________.

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22. For HOAs, members other than the developer are entitled to elect at least one member of the board if at least ____ of all parcels have been conveyed to members.

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23. Notice of an annual or special meeting usually does not contain ________.

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24. In a condo, the owners must be given ____ days notice before the meeting to approve the budget.

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25. It usually takes ______ days notice for a Board of Directors meeting and ______ days notice for an Owners meeting.

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26. Which would not be used as a proper method of meeting notification?

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27. The document which designates the one person who will vote for owners of a corporation is called a _________.

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28. What must be indicated on the outside envelope for a secret ballot?

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29. In addition to giving notice to all owners of a meeting, proof of notice is required. This is done by a(n) ______ from an officer of the association or by USPS _____ of mailing.

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30. Who/What usually determines the eligibility of members to serve on the Board of Directors?

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31. The general corporate law of Florida _____ require that officers be directors and ______ require that directors be members.

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32. Which of the following statements concerning elections is false?

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33. Which of the following is false concerning the certification of new members of an association board?

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34. Which is false concerning a secret ballot?

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35. The governing documents for the Water’s Edge Condominium call for a board of directors of between three and seven members.  The board currently consists of five members but the board wants to increase the number to seven.  When should this usually be done?

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36. A member of the board of directors writes a letter of resignation on May 10th stating that his resignation is effective May 30th.  The association receives the letter on May 20th.  When is the resignation actually effective?

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37. If a recall is disputed, then the board must file with the Division a petition for binding arbitration within ________ business days.

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38. If the documents do not set forth the officers, then each condominium and cooperative must have a minimum of _____ officers which could consist of ______ people.

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39. A condominium board of directors wants to appoint three new vice presidents. Which of the following is true?

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40. The election of officers usually takes place at the _______.

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41. All Board of Directors meetings are open meetings and any member of the association may attend with the exceptions of _________.

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42. _________ elect directors and ______ elect officers.

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43. ________ notice is required for a Board of Directors meeting.

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44. Items not on the board meeting agenda should not be discussed unless it is an emergency item that is approved by _________.

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45. Which of the following is false. Directors can ________.

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46. For board of directors meetings, notice to owners _________.

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47. After the board of directors votes to approve a routine expenditure, one of the members in the audience who arrived late stands up and asks to discuss the issue. What should the president do?

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48. If a proxy is given on May 30th for a meeting on June 13th, when does it expire?

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49. Per 718 and 719, associations must maintain a roster containing ________.

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50. Association records must be made available to a unit owner within ___ miles of the association property or within the county of the association property.

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51. The following is not an example of official documents releasable to an owner.

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52. A budget is merely a preview of ________.

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53. A two-building cooperative gets estimates for roof replacements. The board is surprised to find that it will only cost $6,000 per building to replace the roofs. Which of the following is correct with respect to roof reserves?

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54. When reserve funds are not funded fully, it requires ____ to approve the action.

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55. Most budgets are adopted by the ______.

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56. Condominium assessments must be paid at least _______.

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57. The members of the Surf and Sand Condominium successfully petitioned the board to reconsider the annual budget. Within how many days of receiving the petition does the board have to call a special meeting of the membership to reconsider?

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58. What does not have to be on a claim of lien against a Cooperative parcel?

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59. If a developer does not guarantee the budget, dues are collected on all developer-owned units from _____ until the date the developer sells the unit.

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60. Which of the following items do not need to be turned over to the Association by the condominium developer?

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61. Which of the following is not an example of accrual accounting?

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62. Upon the request of a unit owner, the Board of Directors must deliver a Certificate of Status of Assessments within ____ days.

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63. An association having revenues less than _________ is only required to prepare a report of cash receipts and expenditures.

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64. The Shady Oaks condominium has 299 units and an annual revenue of $303,000.00. Unless the membership votes to change it, what type of financial statement is required?

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65. Property taxes on the common property of an association are assessed against _______.

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66. Risk control includes which of the following?

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67. Risk retention is sometimes referred to as ________.

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68. In the order of importance, the three basic requirements for investing the association funds are ____, _____, and _____.

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69. The form that verifies that a contractor has adequate liability and worker’s compensation isnurance is called a _______.

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70. Which of the following insurance claims adjusters would be paid for by the insurance company?

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71. The Blown Wind Condominium experienced $100,000 damage during Hurricane Helga. The building value is $1,000,000 and the wind policy has a 3% deductible. How much should the Association plan on receiving from Citizens Insurance?

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72. The two general types of property insurance are _____ and _____.

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73. Which of the following in regards to hazard insurance applies to a condominium built in 1980?

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74. Association employees who handle funds and the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the association should be bonded for _____.

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75. The type of insurance that protects members of the Board of Directors except for Fraud, Ignorance or Lack of Due Caution is called  _____.

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76. The definition of ‘public lodging establishment’ includes any unit that is regulary rented for periods of less than _____ days.

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77. Associations operating a public lodging establishment should be aware of Florida Statute 509 which concerns _____.

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78. Any elevator operator who does not report an accident within _____ days is subject to an administrative fine of not more than _____ dollars.

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79. Licensed security guards must _____.

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80. Owners of public swimming pools must obtain a permit from the _____.

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81. Which of the following do not have to be included on the posted Pool Rules sign?

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82. The association manager is spraying the common area walkways for bugs, and an owner asks the manager to spray her kitchen. What should the manager do?

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83. Which of the following statements concerning towing is true?

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84. A 400-unit condominium has an annual budget of $175,000 plus $25,000 for reserves. It needs to replace a roof that will cost $7,800. Which of the following is correct?

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85. Which of the following does not have to be listed in a maintenance contract?

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86. Any contract made by the developer prior to turnover may be cancelled by a vote of ______ % of the owners.

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87. The Nirvana HOA with nine lots has an operating budget of $100,000 and reserve budget of $20,000. Under which situation must they obtain competitive bids?

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88. The maximum period for warranties extended to an association is for _________ year(s) from completion of the building or ________ year(s) from the time that the owners assume control whichever occurs last.

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89. The Board of Directors has met its fiduciary responsibility to the association when it seeks the advice of its _____.

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90. The least used form of management is _____.

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91. The most common method of managing an association is _____.

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92. Rules and Regulations must pass what two tests?

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93. The basic concept of fairness in rules enforcement that results in the forfeiture of the enforcement rights when not used in a timely fashion is called _____.

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94. Which of the following are emergency powers granted to the condominium board if a state of emergency has been declared?

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95. Some documents restrict the right of sale of units and require the approval of the Board of Directors. This is called the _____.

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96. Suzy has decided to rent the condominium she is currently living in for another year. Which of the following is true?

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97. Which of the following is not a ‘dispute’ requiring arbitration for condominiums?

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98. Which of the following disputes between a homeowner association and a parcel owner does not need to be filed with DBPR for mandatory mediation before the dispute is filed in court?

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99. Which of the following statements is true concerning the Office of the Condominium Ombudsman?

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100. Arbitrators assigned by the division to hear disputes must be _____.

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